Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life's Cruel Joke

Thank you, Life, for the grand joke you play
Leave us sifting though echoes while searching for sound
Keep it all black and white wile we seek for the gray
Let us think we are free when you know we are bound.

Laugh as you like, as we struggle and squirm
Against wire and rope and cold steel
Leave us suspended, like hooks though a worm
Watch the blood as it starts to congeal

Trick us to think that we know what to do
That we can understand how this plays
Make us believe that we're controlling you
While you hold the reins all our days

Leave us defeated, and crushed by the wayside
Empty unseeing eyes stare at the sky
As a meal for the vultures, left behind your swift stride
Behind your back now, so you can't see me fly

Pull myself back from the edge of the dark
The bitterness left with my crushed mortal form
This sense of defeat left behind, with no mark
Left on this new life, this wolf's heart reborn

Sit there and laugh, Life, enjoy your sick joking
I leave you behind with my head held up high
Do what you like, I refuse to be broken
I will not give up now, I refuse to die.

1 comment:

  1. My life in younger shoes...stay strong stay focussed love your children with all your soul and never let go